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Brightlands Materials Center grows

TNO Time gives the floor to Marnix van Gurp and Peter Wolfs. Read the full article ‘Brightlands Materials Center grows’[...]

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Meet our new CEPA centrifuge

This is our new CEPA centrifuge for our project “Downstream processing of nanoparticle dispersions”! With our new semi-continuous high-speed centrifuge[...]

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Opportunities, synergies and ambitions

Last March all the BMC team members came together to reflect on BMC’s first year. Together we discussed possible opportunities, synergies[...]

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Brightlands Materials Center

Inspiring and developing the next generation of talent with the right skills and mindset for the polymeric materials field by attracting and connecting industry, academia and enterpreneurs, boosting sustainable development based on the latest knowledge.

Brightlands 3D Print Café
September 15, 2016 13:30u

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