Meet Johan Tiesnitsch: business developer at Brightlands Materials Center

Meet Johan Tiesnitsch: business developer at Brightlands Materials Center

08:54 14 april in Losse pagina

Johan Tiesnitsch is a business developer for the Sustainable Buildings program of Brightlands Materials Center. As a business developer Johan has a very interactive job, where meeting people from the industry and creating new business opportunities is one of the most important facets in his day to day activities.

Could you give a description of your job, what’s your task as a business developer?
My job is to understand the needs of the industry and translate those needs into a research proposal in a way companies want to become a partner within Brightlands Materials Center. In order to understand these needs, you go where the industry goes. This means for example visiting exhibitions and conferences such as the BouwBeurs (Building Exhibition), Glass Performance Days and InterSolar. Next we invite organizations to come and explore our research Center in one to one meetings but also during our Partner Event, which was successfully held for the first time on 21 March 2017.

Why do companies want to partnership with Brightlands Materials Center?
Companies want to work together with Brightlands Materials Center, because of competences and co-financing of their developments. I believe we have very strong competences in each of our research program lines. As business developer for Sustainable Buildings I can confirm this as it is being acknowledged by the companies. Next to strong competences we also have the skills to help companies in creating interesting co-funding options. My personal believe is that governmental support in this respect is crucial. To this end you need strong leaders with a vision on innovation. Do they look at these research centers as a 5 year program or do they have a vision that these centers need structural financing as this is the only way to transform the region into a knowledge driven economy generating many highly skilled and dynamic jobs.

How do you maintain strong partnerships with existing partners and how do you create new ones?
When companies decide to become a partner there is an intense interaction. We typically have quarterly meetings in order to stay on course, so maximum alignment of intention of the research work and its results is guaranteed. Next we prefer to have complementary companies in one research program, such as Sustainable Buildings. In this way our partners have a natural fit as they are different parts of a business chain. Organizing workshops will also be part of the intense interaction. Because we connect complementary companies in these workshops, we also stimulate to start new partnerships, both between participating companies as well as new companies and Brightlands Materials Center. In this way a strong community emerges with strong partnerships.

“I am convinced that polymer materials will become an even more important factor in reaching a sustainable world.”

Where will Brightlands Materials Center stand in 5 years from now?
I firmly believe that Brightlands Materials Center will be a vibrant center 5 years from now, employing many people. We will also see new developments in the market, of which we can be proud of. We will be a community with many partners, who created a second wave of new developments with a few new research programs. Not too many as you need a certain focus to excel. That’s where we should be 5 years from now; ready for the next 5 years.