We believe that materials use, can and must be sustainable and circular. In the world of buildings, mobility, and packaging. Watch the video and find out what we can do for you

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Societal challenges require joint innovation

The world is changing rapidly. Major challenges in the fields of energy, mobility, health and circularity are ahead of us. Brightlands Materials Center is an applied R&D center where scientific excellence and innovative applications come together to meet these global challenges.

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Additive Manufacturing

Enabling functional 3D printed parts and products by development of innovative polymer additive manufacturing materials.

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Lightweight automotive

Predictive modeling of thermoplastic composites during its life’s use, either in injection over-molded parts or in metal plastic hybrid parts.

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Decrease the energy consumption of buildings by development of innovative optical materials and coatings

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Accelerate the transition to circular plastic packaging by innovations in material redesign, recycling and impact assessment.

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Innovative materials solutions for a sustainable future

Materials play an important role in our societies. Careful use of valuable raw materials sources and a circular economy are of great importance for a sustainable future.

Brightlands Materials Center offers a meeting place to accelerate these transitions.

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