About us

Our Vision

The materials of the 21th century
Polymeric materials protect our food in a safe way from being spoilt and thrown away. They make cars lighter, so they consume less fuel and emit less carbon dioxide. They conserve energy by insulating our houses or guiding light into our solar panels. New plastic technologies emerge, leading to solar cells or LED lighting in TVs, all based on polymers. Innovative processing technologies are being explored, such as 3D printing, also called Additive Manufacturing. Possibilities in future applications based on plastics are virtually endless.

Welcome to our world of plastics!
Polymeric materials, or plastics, offer great opportunities for a large variety of new applications. For a sustainable world, a circular economy, and therefore the end-of-use of plastics based applications, is an important factor Brightlands Materials Center considers.

The world population will continue to grow in the 21st century to become nine billion by 2050. The need for new sustainable products and materials will grow with it as well. This asks for an efficient way of using and re-using materials. Brightlands Materials Center will take up this responsibility and dedicate its research and development programs and other activities to a sustainable society.

Brightlands Materials Center advantages

Get access to the latest knowledge and insights in plastics

Speed up your time to market by collaboration

Enrich your research with application-driven challenges from the industry and valorize your knowledge

Share expensive research costs and funding sources for excellent research

Acquire leads for new business and innovation

Increase appeal to talented students and leading scientists by working closely together with the industry

Our Mission

Inspiring and developing the next generation of talent with the right skills and mindset for the polymeric materials field by attracting and connecting industry, academia and entrepreneurs, boosting sustainable development based on the latest knowledge.

What we do differently

Shared Research
The heart of Brightlands Materials Center is an evolving ecosystem where scientific excellence, innovative applications and societal challenges come together.

Brightlands Materials Center offers a meeting place at Brightlands Chemelot Campus and close collaboration with a global network of leading companies along the value chain and renowned universities and institutes.

In our shared research programs, where scientists, R&D researchers and students come and work together, we secure application-driven research along the whole chain of knowledge.

Marnix van Gurp, Managing Director

“I have always been fascinated by the endless possibilities of polymeric materials. I believe they can play a very important role in the development of a more sustainable society. Brightlands Materials Center is an exciting new concept with inspiring innovation opportunities!”

Peter Wolfs, Managing Director

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Yearly Turnover (€ - millions)

Base funding: Province of Limburg and TNO

Meet our People

Brightlands Materials Center works together with people who want to make a difference in the world and upgrade their careers. Our people are specialized in the following technology platforms:

  • Mechanical properties of polymeric materials, in particular adhesion
  • Functional properties of polymeric materials
  • Polymer melt processing
  • Additive manufacturing of polymeric materials