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Access to infrastructure

Brightlands Materials Center has state-of-the-art facilities at two locations at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus with 650m2 lab and pilot space. We have:

  • A complete 3D printing infrastructure: German RepRap X500, Anisoprint Composer, Raise3D Pro2, small scale SLS powder printer, various DPL printers;
  • Various small-scale plastics processing equipment, such as Xplore micro-compounder, micro-injection molding, Collin (300mm) flat film extrusion, Engel injection molder with a linear robot for insert molding, an 18mm flexible dosing twin-screw Coperion extruder, a 80mm single-screw extruder for composites recycling, a Fontijne Press;
  • Various testing equipment: Instron universal tensile testers with DIC imaging, pelletizing/flaking, dedusting and sieving equipment for recycling purposes, various analytics tools (DSC, TGA, rheometry, microscopy, particle size and fiber length distribution determination, a NIR and UV/Vis photospectrometers);
  • An autoclave for nanoparticle synthesis and coating-process equipment, a 50x50cm2 dip coater, a Buhler powder grinder, various high temperatures furnaces (rotating tube, rapid thermal processing and annealing, high temperature curing).


Brightlands Materials Center works closely together with other organizations at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, such as Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs (CHILL), University of Maastricht (AMIBM) and Enabling Technologies, giving us direct access to a great wealth of high tech polymer materials equipment.

Brightlands Materials Center develops prototype production of parts to demonstrate the feasibility of new technology concepts. In most cases this is done in collaboration with industrial partners who wish to commercialize products based on these new technologies.

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  • Get access to testing and processing equipment, you could never acquire yourself
  • Share costs of equipment for R&D
  • Have flexible development space
  • Strengthen your partnerships with the polymer industry and its application challenges
  • Network with different universities and companies