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Shared Research Programs

At the heart of Brightlands Materials Center are its Shared Research Programs. Brightlands Materials Center has made strategic choices to focus on a limited number of programs with a clearly defined market need and with a long term research and development direction. The vision of Brightlands Materials Center is to collaborate in shared research, to increase scale, to enhance ideas, to reduce costs, to combine existing technologies and – in general – to reduce time to new technologies. Industrial companies for whom sustainable materials solutions are important, are invited to become a partners in one of the shared research programs.

By becoming a partner, you have access to all results, expertise and intellectual property in general which is generated by the program. You can use these results freely to strengthen your business. Other partners, preferably within the value chain, may also have access to these results.

Although the shared research results will be shared by different partners, it is possible to ask for dedicated activities that strengthen your own business.

Bilateral Research Projects

In case you like to work on topics that are not suitable for shared research, bilateral project are also feasible. In this case the Research and development is solely performed for you are the consortium you are part of. Specific results will be treated as confidential and will not be shared with other partners. Tailored agreements can be made meeting your specific needs and helping you to accelerate your business.

Bilateral projects may include access to equipment or other infrastructure for testing or analysis purposes or consultancy project applying the expertise of Brightlands Materials Center to your requests.

National and European Project Consortia

  • Brightlands Materials Center is very active in participating in National and European funding scheme calls, like NWO, H2020, Interreg or OP Zuid.
  • We have a strong track record in various successful project submissions, including being the project coordinator.
  • We will focus on strong overlap with our strategic program directions.

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