Become a Partner

At the heart of Brightlands Materials Center are its Shared Research Programs. The vision of Brightlands Materials Center is to collaborate in shared research, to increase scale, to enhance ideas, to reduce costs, to combine existing technologies and – in general – to reduce time to new technologies. Industrial companies for whom sustainable materials solutions are important, are invited to become a partners in one of the shared research programs.

Other collaboration models are possible:

1. Bilateral projects
2. Project partnerships in dedicated consortia
3. Rental of equipment for processing or testing
4. Technical or business advice

Solution or partnership proposals will always be tailor-made, meeting your specific needs

Yearly Partnership Fee gives access to use of results and developed IP

Entrance Fee accounts for build-up knowledge/IP

Program Partners gives input to Roadmap

Dedicated Project are possible within a Partnership

Interested in becoming a partner?
Please contact us.


Johan Tiesnitsch,
Business Developer Sustainable Buildings
tel. +31 (0)61 348 90 85


Richard Janssen,
Business Developer Additive Manufacturing
tel. +31 (0)61 520 38 47