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Brightlands Materials Center and TNO warn that at this rate, the Netherlands will not achieve its own Raw Materials Agreement!

By 17 February 2022February 18th, 2022No Comments

In daily newspaper Trouw a report on the need for a large-scale system approach to the Dutch plastic problem was published. In this report Harold Gankema, program manager Circular Packaging at Brightlands Materials Center, and Esther Zondervan – Van den Beuken, program manager Circular Plastics at TNO, talk about the future of plastics, the progress on the Raw Materials Agreement and the sustainability of plastic in relation to cans, paper or glass.

The plastic packaging of a meal salad can be neatly separated, but it will probably be burned. At this rate, the Netherlands will never achieve its own raw materials agreement, warns TNO.
– There is an urgent need for a circular plastic flow

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