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Brightlands Materials Center: researcher, innovator and connector

By 24 September 2021October 7th, 2021No Comments
WijLimburg foto Wendy Boon

In entrepreneurs magazine WijLimburg, managing director Marnix van Gurp talks about the importance of Brightlands Materials Center as the founder of innovative solutions for a sustainable future. He explains how the organization functions as a researcher, innovator, and connector within the main themes of buildings, mobility and plastic packaging.

“We are proud of the sustainable solutions we have realized, such as the 100% Limburg Bike.”

-Marnix van Gurp


Brightlands Materials Center: researcher, innovator and connector

Devising innovative solutions in the field of materials and thus making a contribution
contribute to a sustainable future. This is the mission of the research center
Brightlands Materials Center. A task that is literally a challenge on an international level
can make a world of difference, but is currently being kept in the shadows on a local scale
executed. “People often have no idea what we do here.”

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