Meet Richard Janssen: Business Developer Additive Manufacturing

Meet Richard Janssen: Business Developer Additive Manufacturing

15:57 16 mei in News

Last year June 2017 you started working for Brightlands Materials Center. Time flies! Please explain your role as Business Developer and your experience with Brightlands Materials Center until now?
Indeed, it has been a year in this role and it has been a very exciting one ! First of all, I like the developing additive manufacturing market with its high dynamic, multitude of opportunities and uncertainties. It calls for closely following developments and trends, lots of contacts with the industry, finding opportunities and making choices. To me this is what New Business Development is about and where my passion is.

And then, I see myself as very lucky to have landed in an environment with many enthusiastic colleagues. Many of them are passionate researchers and I really like that they are very open to broaden their perspectives and do what it takes to contribute to the success of Brightlands Materials Center. Even if that means they have to do business development ! Just kidding of course, but it illustrates the team work within Brightlands Materials Center.

Could you give an example of one of the latest projects/developments in the Additive Manufacturing program?
One great example is the work that Brightlands Materials Center and our sister organization AMSYSTEMS Center have done together with NextDent, which has recently been acquired by 3DSystems, one of the leading companies in the additive manufacturing market. A photopolymer system and 3D printer were developed to 3D print dental crowns and bridges. The dental market is particularly suitable for additive manufacturing because no tooth is the same in shape and form and 3D printers can easily manufacture these different shapes quicker and cheaper. Today, 3D Systems is offering commercial material solutions for dental 3D printing based on our developments.

We are continuing our work for the dental industry by developing more naturally looking 3D printed teeth by adding color and color gradients. This is not done by painting afterwards but by printing the color into shape. This is quite challenging as the strength and abrasion of the teeth should not change of course.

What are the biggest challenges and ambitions for the program?
Last year we worked hard to better understand the additive manufacturing market and the technological needs that our customers have. This has resulted in two new initiatives that we are setting up.
First, we have embarked on the program to 3D print continuous fiber to improve mechanical performance of printed parts and to include sensing functionality. For example, it could become possible to monitor structural integrity of prototype cars and airplanes or include electrical wiring directly into products. At the moment we are shaping and defining the project scope with relevant industrial partners and additional interested industrial companies would be welcome to join.
Second, we are looking to build upon the expertise of multimaterial printing that we have grown and are expanding with the multicolor dental project mentioned earlier. The principles of this idea can be applied for other combinations of materials as well, and we are exploring for example 3D printing of integrated electronics, electromagnetic shielding, antenna systems and microporous materials for membranes, catalyst support and acoustic insulation.

Which relevant opportunities do you see and in which way the Additive Manufacturing program of Brightlands Materials Center can realize these?
Brightlands Materials Center and TNO have combined 20 years of experience in additive manufacturing already. Our sister organizations AMSYSTEMS Center and Holst Centre, collaborations of TNO with Eindhoven University of Technology and imec in Belgium, respectively, have a lot of  expertise in innovative 3D printer systems and flexible electronics. Together, we offer a unique portfolio of knowledge and opportunities to the industry. I look forward to bring the value of this synergy to our customers in our new programs.

Last but not least, events you are looking forward to?
In November we will present the first results of our additive manufacturing of continuous fiber program on the Formnext trade show in Frankfurt. It is one of the largest shows on additive manufacturing globally and I’m very much looking forward to being part of the “future” that is being created there.

Are you interested in the opportunities the Additive Manufacturing program of Brightlands Materials Center has to offer? Then please do not hesitate to contact Richard Janssen: