Development of structural, lightweight and free-form components

Weight reduction to minimize environmental impact for airplanes, cost efficient manufacturing of structural parts of electrical vehicles or enabling complex frames for new urban air mobility concepts, these are all opportunities that could be enabled by Continuous Fiber Additive Manufacturing technology. BMC has competence and know-how in the full range of expertises involved in CFAM technology. We focus on materials formulation and selection, design for continuous fiber additive manufacturing, processing and simulation and prediction of product performance

Richard Janssen

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Richard Janssen
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senior science specialist Güralp ÖzkocAdditive ManufacturingNews
18 November 2020

Introducing senior scientist Güralp Özkoc

What made you decide to apply at Brightlands Materials Center? Before my current position at Brightlands Material Center, I mainly…
Self Sensing 3D printingAdditive ManufacturingNews
20 April 2020

Brightlands Materials Center Develops Self-Sensing in 3D Printed Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics

Monitoring structural information in 3D printed parts and products. Self-sensing is the ability of a material to sense its own…


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Development of structural, lightweight and free-form components

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