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Brightlands Materials Center will be the host of a new experimental development center for thermoplastic composites.

This project is a collaboration between fifteen SME companies, larger companies and a knowledge institute building an experimental development center in the field of composite materials and polymers. This development center will be physically based at Brightlands Materials Center. In this center, the parties work together on innovations and translate basic and applied knowledge to the practice of large companies and SMEs. This open innovation environment offers a variety of entrepreneurs space for developing and testing technological and innovative products over a long period of time, which contributes to the strengthening of southern Netherlands as the top technological region.

The main objective of the project is to realize a demand-driven development center that offers a variety of (SME) entrepreneurs space for testing and developing technological innovations in the field of thermoplastic composites.

In the project a total of nine work packages have been formulated. Examples of this are:

  • processing carbon fiber residues into high value added products,
  • developing a test standard for hybrid thermoplastic composites,
  • building knowledge in the field of processing of TPC material,
  • business development activities that generate new initiatives. This also ensures continuity of the development center.

This project is unique in the sense that the experimental development center:

  • has its own facilities and technical staff,
  • develops and shares high-quality knowledge,
  • has an open character,
  • develops new forms of collaborative projects, and
  • speeds up innovations and market introduction of new services and products.

For further information, please contact: Jos Lobee:


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