Circular Packaging

Accelerate the transition to circular plastic packaging by innovations in material redesign, recycling and impact assessment.

At Brightlands Materials Center we work on redesigning the polymers of packaging materials to become recyclable. We also improve the quality of recycled material to be able to use it for new applications. We provide knowledge and insights into what an LCA can mean for your packaging, knowledge of mechanical and chemical recycling and what you need to know in terms of policies and measures to ensure that your packaging will be ready for the circular economy of the future.

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Design for recycling

Development of new multilayer packaging material designs that meet product specifications, but with a better recyclability.

Design from recycling

New product development of materials for both flexible and rigid applications by upgrading post-consumer recyclate


  • multilayer / multimaterial / multifunctional plastic packaging which has currently no recycling value
  • flexible and rigid applications in packaging
  • new applications based on recycled products


Circular Packaging English video

Circular Packaging Nederlandse video

Meet the team of our Circular Packaging Program

Marnix van Gurp

Program Manager

Caroli Buitenhuis

Business Developer Circular Packaging

Joop Lemmens Brightlands Materials Center

Joop Lemmens

Project Leader

dr. ir. Mark Roelands

Senior Scientist Process Technology - Chemical recycling expert

drs. Toon van Harmelen

Senior Reseacher, LCA expert

Aike Wypkema

Project Manager

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Caroli Buitenhuis
Business Developer