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Plastics packaging demand is by far the largest end-use market of the complete plastics market. Only 42% of these plastics packaging is currently recycled in Europe.

Get familiar with our Circular Packaging program

Better recycling of plastic packaging and reuse of the materials in new applications can result in significant reduction in CO2 emissions, in less use of virgin fossil resources and contribute to a more circular economy.

Within the Circular Packaging program of Brightlands Materials Center, we work on redesigning the polymers of packaging materials to become recyclable. We also improve the quality of recycled materials to be able to reuse it in new applications. We provide knowledge and insights into what a LCA can mean for your packaging, knowledge of mechanical and chemical recycling and what you need to know in terms of policies and measures to ensure that your packaging will be ready for the circular economy of the future.

Currently the main focus of Brightlands Materials Center – Circular Packaging is on:

  • multilayer / multimaterial / multifunctional plastic packaging which has currently no recycling value
  • flexible and rigid applications in packaging
  • new applications based on recycled products
  • upgrading quality of recycled plastics
  • LCA and impac assessments
  • design guidelines

As an independent research center we offer accelerated innovation as well as funding opportunities.

Watch our showcase video to see what we do:

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Contact Marieke Havermans

Contact Marieke Havermans

Marieke Havermans
Sr. Business Developer Circular Packaging

Meet The
Circular Materials

Harold Gankema

Program Manager

Marieke Havermans

Sr. Business Developer Circular Packaging

dr. ir. Mark Roelands

Senior Scientist Process Technology - Chemical recycling expert

Rajesh Metha

Senior Reseacher

Aike Wypkema

Project Manager

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