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Efficient energy and sustainable material use in lightweight mobility applications by development of material and processing technologies in thermoplastic composites

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Within the Lightweight Automotive Program, Brightlands Materials Center focusses on modelling and experimental methods as well as material and processing technologies, that enable development of lightweight applications in thermoplastic composites and hybrids.

  • The transportation sector currently accounts for 33% of the energy consumption and 20% of the CO2 emission in the EU.
  • Sustainable application of new materials need predictable durability and valuable end-of-life recycling solutions.
  • Our modelling, material, processing and recycling technologies enable reduction of development time, raw materials needs, weight and therefore energy use and emissions.

Our expertise bridges theory and practice:
Hybrid thermoplastic composites material, processing and recycling technologies, incl. renewable fibers and polymers, to support industrial developments by:

  • Prediction of material and part durability through multi-scale, multi-physics material modelling as well as development of test methodologies for adhesion and interface behavior of hybrid composite materials.
  • Thermo-mechanical recycling of post-industrial and post-consumer fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites, and material design and development for recycling into Long Fiber Thermoplastics for re-use in high-end applications.

These developments are supported by a dedicated fieldlab for testing and processing.

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