Lightweight Automotive

Lightweight is the name of the game in many applications. In particular, in (automotive) transportation, the European Committee has posed severe penalties on Car Makers if their fleet exceeds certain CO2 emission.

As metals (steel, aluminum) are the traditional construction materials in transportation, opportunities exist for plastic materials to replace metal and therefore reduce the car’s weight. To do so, structural properties of polymeric materials need to be further enhanced. This can be done by intrinsic polymer properties, but also by the use of reinforcing fibers in the polymeric matrix. In this respect endless glass fibers and carbon fibers are often used, but still hardly applied in thermoplastic materials. The reason is, next to the total costs of production, the uncertainty of the performance of thermoplastic composites in use.

Brightlands Materials Center will be the host of a new experimental development center for thermoplastic composites.

Our Program

Our Program “Lightweight Automotive” focuses on the critical materials aspects of thermoplastics composites. The goal of our program is to come to predictive modeling of the performance of thermoplastic composites during its life’s use, either in injection over-molded parts or in metal plastic hybrid parts.

The most important topics for study in this Program are the materials aspects of:

1. Adhesion of tape inserts in molding
2. Failure in short and long term aging
3. Predictive modeling of failure
4. Recycling of thermoplastic composites

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Marc Huisman, Program manager Lightweight Automotive

Human mobility is on the verge of a new era. New mobility concepts emerge which exceed the traditional transportation from A to B. In automotive, new players show up, like Tesla or Google. Active safety transforms into self-steering. In all cases the cars of the future should be safe, comfortable and sustainable. In all of these aspects materials will play a crucial role. Light weight is a critical factor for sustainability. But increasingly, interactive functionalities will show up in new material concepts.

Meet the team of our Lightweight Automotive program

Marc Huisman
Program Manager

Ties van Maaren
Business Developer

Jos Lobee
Business Developer

Christ Ritzen
Research Assistant Polymer Processing

Aike Wypkema
Project Manager

Yibo Su

Jos Linssen
Principal Research Assistant