Sustainable Buildings

Polymeric materials are increasingly used in various optical and electronical applications, to improve our health with smarter diagnostics, make our cars more safe and fuel efficient, to provide access to communication and information, and to increase the efficiency of sunlight capture for energy management. There is a high demand to make these applications very reliable, in an economically and environmentally efficient way. Polymers play an ever important role in this, in particular if they can be applied in high resolution nano-structures.

Our Program

Our program focuses on sustainable building skins, in particular energy and environment control in build environment. The ultimate goal is to get to houses that generate energy, instead of using it. Materials play an essential role in finding new solutions. Nano-structured polymeric coatings enhance the light capture into solar panels. However, films or coatings based on smart materials can also reflect unwanted solar radiation or generate electricity.

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Eugène Veerkamp,
Business Developer
tel. +31 (0)65 348 5549


Johan Tiesnitsch,
Business Developer
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Pascal Buskens, Program Manager

Meet the team of our Sustainable Buildings program

Aike Wypkema

Johan Tiesnitsch
Business Developer

It really inspires me to work on innovative plastics for the future. If you are interested in developing new materials for a more efficient and sustainable use of energy in the building skin, please contact me. In this way we can explore the opportunities to work on plastic materials of the future together.

Zeger Vroon
Senior scientist TNO / Lector New Energy

Pascal Buskens
Program manager

Ryan van Zandvoort
Research Engineer

During the last two years I specialized on the synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles. For that purpose, I also synthesized oligomeric surfactants in a multi-step molecular synthesis approach. I have co-authored one scientific publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Roberto Habets

Eugène Veerkamp
Business Developer

Ralph Stevens
Senior Research Engineer

My research interests focus on developing thermo-chromatic film and coating systems to apply on windows for controlling the energy inside houses. A field in which I can use my expertise on optimizing polymer materials and engineering research systems.

Jesica Rodríguez-Fernández
Senior Scientist – Principal Investigator