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Improving sustainability in housing construction by faster and better insulation

By 23 March 2021July 1st, 2021No Comments

Under the name BRIMM (Bright Renovation Insulation for building envelope through Materials and Methods) a consortium of companies and research and knowledge institutes is developing a new, smart method to insulate homes quickly and less expensively.

Within this project Brightlands Materials Center is developing retrofit window films to increase the energy-efficiency of already installed windows. We focus on two types of functionalities:

  • low-emissivity, to reduce radiator heat loss through windows and enable lower U values;
  • and solar infrared blocking. To reduce solar heat transmission and enable lower G values.

The great advantage is that the retrofit window films can be applied to existing windows. You don’t have te replace the glas.

For more information you can contact Eugene Veerkamp, Business Developer Sustainable Buildings.