Roberto Habets’ first 100 days at Brightlands Materials Center

Roberto Habets’ first 100 days at Brightlands Materials Center

10:24 02 november in News

After graduating from the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences Roberto started at a company called Merchachem in Nijmegen. This was his first experience turning theory into practice studying organic chemistry. After a while he started at DSM, where he worked for 10 years. Now we celebrate his first 100 days at Brightlands Materials Center!

“I made a start at DSM which, if my father was to be believed, would be a job for life. Ten years into it, and it was starting to look like a very long time indeed! But then Brightlands Materials Center appeared on the horizon; a young organisation, with plenty of passionate and enthusiastic people working there; so an easy decision to make.”

Habets continues: “From that start until now, the first 100 days in other words, has only reaffirmed my initial impression of Brightlands Materials Center: it’s an organisation with a keen, dynamic and motivated workforce, somewhere I am more than happy to come to work every morning!”

We’re glad to hear that! And could you describe your job and your task as a scientist at Brightlands Materials Center?
“Currently I am working in the programme for Sustainable Buildings. One of the aims is to create a commercial scalable process for a coating with self-regulating insulating properties applicable to glazing. This coating should contribute towards creating a comfortable living environment, whilst using less energy in buildings. I’m currently busy establishing a reproducible route for manufacturing these coatings, while keeping a close eye on the scalability.”

And what makes this job so fascinating for you and what is it about the job that drives you?
“The work I’m doing is incredibly motivating: you make up a solution and apply it to glass and then you investigate the resulting coating. Whenever you adjust something you can record the impact of the change on the final product. This means I have complete control over the entire process. Generating superb looking coatings, which works technically as well as being aesthetically pleasing is not only science, there is also a fair dose of art involved. Within 5 years I hope we have introduced a successful product to the market!”