Serge van den Heuvel (e-Xstream) about the collaboration with Brightlands Materials Center

Serge van den Heuvel (e-Xstream) about the collaboration with Brightlands Materials Center

17:00 15 februari in News

One of our latest partners is e-Xstream engineering. e-Xstream engineering is an MSC Software company and the world leader in multi-scale modelling of composite materials and structures. Meet Serge van den Heuvel, Business Development manager at e-Xstream engineering.

Could you tell us more about the collaborations between e-Xstream and you’re expectations about this collaboration?
End of last year, we started the collaboration with Brightlands Materials Center to help the industry to face their challenges in 3D printing and light weighting. Brightlands Materials Center and e-Xstream share in this perspective a similar vision and roadmap.
The collaboration with e-Xstream should bring Brightlands Materials Center the latest insights in the models and methods that have been developed by e-Xstream so far.
The high end technical exchanges within the Brightlands Materials Center program scope should leverage e-Xstream Research & Development with deeper insight into the material modeling needs of Benelux customers.

Which aspects are important in this collaboration to have a successful/positive outcome?

  • Brightlands Materials Center plays a strategic and facilitating role with high visibility in the industry. It will as such act as a catapult center for partners and customers.
  • The collaboration with e-Xstream provides Brightlands Materials Center with valuable insights into the needs and challenges of application design.
  • e-Xstream’s material modeling platform fits well with the shared research programs to accelerate product and application development.
  • Development programs around additive manufacturing and automotive light weighting are business drivers of both Brightlands Material center and e-Xstream.
  • Structural integrity analysis of mission critical components has to be performed on ‘as processed’ parts. The e-Xstream platform is built on this notion.

Both companies can synergies on all this in the framework of the shared research program.

What do you hope the outcome of this collaboration will be for both parties involved and the end-user?
The industry, dealing with rather complex multi-phase materials, is confronted with some important challenges:

  • Predictability of the models
  • Cost of the material
  • Expensive test campaigns

e-Xstream advanced material models are proven to enhance predictability of industrial parts and reduce material cost through more accurate simulations and lower knock down factors. We are considering the outcome of the collaboration positive if more companies start to adopt the e-Xstream technology in their daily processes, we are getting a better visibility of customer needs and we can benefit from shared developments in our software infrastructure.