Wouter van den Berg – Yparex

Wouter van den Berg – Yparex

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Please Wouter, introduce yourself and tell us a little bit more about Yparex?
I am Wouter van den Berg, General Manager of Yparex BV. After I obtained a PhD in Chemistry from the Radboud University Nijmegen, I joined DSM in 1996. I had a number of different roles, from technical to commercial, until I became Product Manager for the Yparex product line, when DSM decided to divest that activity in 2011. Yparex then became an independent company, working very closely with its now sister-company Resin (Products & Technology) BV in Enschede. Yparex BV is a leading European producer of extrudable adhesive resins which are used in several multilayer applications such as Food Packaging, Medical Packaging, Water- and Floor Heating Pipes, High Voltage Cables, Solar Panels, etc.

In which way Yparex and Brightlands Materials Center work together? Could you give us an example of one or several projects?
When Yparex got spun out of DSM, we decided to set up an office on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. The main reason was to link with the existing knowledge hub regarding materials on the Campus. There is an impressive quantity and quality of expertise in materials both at companies and institutes here. And it is accessible to Campus residents. One of the new “knowledge parties” is Brightlands Materials Center. They managed to build up fundamental and application knowledge regarding several materials related topics. I am particularly impressed about their work on nano-additives. We started a collaboration in that field with them as well.

How do you experience the collaboration with Brightlands Materials Center and what are the benefits for you in this collaboration?
The guys and girls at Brightlands Materials Center are quite knowledgeable (most have many years’ experience at institutes or universities); and they have a problem-solving attitude. They can quickly make the link with our business challenges.

 What makes Brightlands Materials Center from your point of view unique in comparison to other companies in the scientific ecosystem?
Brightlands Materials Center is at the intersection of all the ingredients that make the Chemelot Campus such a unique place: there are students from Universities and Polytechnics, multinational companies and SME’s, institutes and service suppliers, all active in the materials field. Brightlands Materials Center is able to combine the existing knowledge with the R&D power of their own staff and students to help the companies increase their innovative power.